Call for Special Session Proposal

KEER 2018 invites proposal for Special Session, on topics related to the conference scope. Acceptance of the proposal will depend on the suitability of the session’s topic to the conference, with minimum number of 10 registered participants. Promotional activities and call for participation is the responsibility of the session organizer. Proposal must be submitted with title, synopsis, basic requirement for the session, and expected number of participants.

  • Proposal deadline: 15 Aug. 2017
  • Submit proposal to

Upon approval of the proposal, full paper submission is open. Invited authors can follow paper submission instruction for paper submission to the Special Session:

Below are list of accepted Special Session. Authors can also submit full paper to any of the listed Special Session by following below instruction:


  1. Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, Information Science, Visualization
  2. Big Data, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, IoT/IoE, Social Media
  3. Brain, Haptic, Sensory, Senses
  4. Culture, Nationhood
  5. Fashion, Textile, Food, Transport, Healthcare
  6. Green Technology, Happiness & Wellbeing, Quality of Life,
  7. Ethics and Policy
  8. Human Expression and Recognition
  9. Human Factors, Ergonomics, Gerontechnology
  10. Intelligent Sensory Systems, Evaluation, Algorithm
  11. Smart Materials, Gaming, Teleoperation
  12. Product Emotion, Psychology and Product Experiences, Branding
  13. Robotics, Human Machine Interaction
  14. User Experience, Interface, Interaction